NYC: ate the big apple and left the core.

Spent a few days thinking and working in NYC… first day the cab driver dropped my laptop bag while trying to “help” and ended up putting it out of commission… this ended up being a blessing in disguise. I got so much done while up in the city…

I had a few meetings for work but still managed to eat so much good food! Hit the meatball shop if you are in NYC go check it out. hopefully they will be featuring the buffalo chicken meatballs with blue cheese cream sauce! Also had some pork belly dumplings at another spot…these were so damn good!

Finished up the trip by hanging out with my GRADIENT buddys… we checked out the Agenda and Capsule shows then ate some more balls and sauce at our favorite local spot, Vincents… Ran into a few long lost pals along the way… wish I could have hung out longer but I had to get on my plane to get back home… or sit on the tarmac at LGA for 2 hours.

Great Time.


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