Hillsville Flea Market

heard about this giant flea market just across the state line in Hillsville VA. So I packed everyone up and headed that way… I had some sourcing to do for a few new products as well as some things for DrX.

The Flea market was HUGE! tons of shitty food plus the people watching was uncomfortable. We ran into a few people we knew suprisingy enough our next door neighbors who invited us over to there newly acquired Plantation home outside of Winston Salem. After the show we headed that way… this place is amazing so much history and its absolutely gorgeous. Our neighbors have been working on it for about a year and are doing an amazing job!. They took us the eat at a local “hot spot” called the Hillbilly Hideaway, this place is awesome we walked in sat down and they brought us a ton of food. No menus, no ordering, you just get what you get!.. so damn good.

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