I was asked a little over the month ago to be a part of a vitaminwater fashion show… we were to make one runway piece inspired by a specific vitaminwater ZERO flavor.

I was hesitant at first but signed up & decided to challenge myself a bit. I initially got caught up in the “runway buzz” and was sketching up all sorts of dresses and designing bold patterns to be custom printed on said dress… but it finally dawned on me …I don’t make dresses! WTF am I doing. No doubt the dress would have ended up fine but it isn’t what I am all about and I’m quite ashamed for wasting a week fucking with it.

Unfortunately I did order up several yards of custom silk and chiffon fabric …with only a few weeks to go I had to turn in a sketch for the vitaminwater folks to check out byt this time I had resurrected an old idea I once had about creating a truly functional bag…one that you could use to carry around your stuff but that would also function as the entire garment itself.

Sketches looked good but where was I going to find a model brave enough to wear this thing down a 50ft runway and look amazing doing it…. I contacted a few standbys with not so excited response, then Hannah hit me back with a resounding “I’m IN! she cruised over to the studio the next day and we shot some pics, took some measurements and it was time to prepare the final sketch to turn in… (Few days late)

Here is the final sketch ….as you can see I was so stoked that I spilled vitaminwater all over it.

Here is the finished project at the final fitting…

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