Fashions Night Out CHARLOTTE: taking it from behind.

Im going to apologize ahead of time for this post… I intended to bring you some serious coverage of this event but after my seat fell thru I decided to shoot it from a different angle, The Gutter.

I figured places like CL and CLTBLOG would give you the straight forward pics of the runway and “red carpet” so I decided to give you the real behind the scenes.. until my camera went dead! Oh well.

Had a great time at this Fashions Night Out event here in the queen city. I hope that next year it continues to grow into something that can be experienced all weekend. Thanks to the girls at ChezElle who do not have a website to link to.

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Fashions Night Out – Yeah We Went.

Fashions Night Out happens all over the world… even here in the Queen city, We checked out the event put on by Lotus and it was a great production all around… I would guess there was about 1000 people that turned up at the Metropolitan to check out over 25 local boutiques strut down the 60 ft runway. Had a great time  & seats thanks to Vitamin Water who also had a great little VIP lounge at the event where they served drinks, offered a place to chill as well as had all but a few of the outfits from their design competition we took part in a few months back. (Not ours or Voldemort’s, Oh well.)

Click through to check out all the pics from our point of view… It was nice taking wifey out.

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Taking Back Sunday Comes Home.

Last night Taking Back Sunday came back to Charlotte, NC… Honestly have to say it was one of the best shows I have been to. So energetic and Adam Lazzara has to be one of the best front men ever… Now granted he is my brother in law, but still the guy just gets it and has an on stage swagger that rivals some of history’s greatest rockers… Show was made even better with tons of our friends being there.. had a great time with them and of course the family was rolling deep as well…I made Adam’s vest for his tour and it not only makes me proud to see him wearing it but its even sweeter because I honestly think the world of the guy.. we had a rough start but i consider him a brother and one of the most creative people I know.

Ill stop being gay if you go buy his album and check it out…

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I was asked a little over the month ago to be a part of a vitaminwater fashion show… we were to make one runway piece inspired by a specific vitaminwater ZERO flavor.

I was hesitant at first but signed up & decided to challenge myself a bit. I initially got caught up in the “runway buzz” and was sketching up all sorts of dresses and designing bold patterns to be custom printed on said dress… but it finally dawned on me …I don’t make dresses! WTF am I doing. No doubt the dress would have ended up fine but it isn’t what I am all about and I’m quite ashamed for wasting a week fucking with it.

Unfortunately I did order up several yards of custom silk and chiffon fabric …with only a few weeks to go I had to turn in a sketch for the vitaminwater folks to check out byt this time I had resurrected an old idea I once had about creating a truly functional bag…one that you could use to carry around your stuff but that would also function as the entire garment itself.

Sketches looked good but where was I going to find a model brave enough to wear this thing down a 50ft runway and look amazing doing it…. I contacted a few standbys with not so excited response, then Hannah hit me back with a resounding “I’m IN! she cruised over to the studio the next day and we shot some pics, took some measurements and it was time to prepare the final sketch to turn in… (Few days late)

Here is the final sketch ….as you can see I was so stoked that I spilled vitaminwater all over it.

Here is the finished project at the final fitting…

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Sunday Football Death Match

I write this post with the most humble heart ever, I wont go on and on how I ran 13500 yards to score a touchdown or how I was voted game MVP I’m not going to go there because well… that shit didn’t happen. Brother in Law extraordinaire Adam got a wild hair up his A.S.S to throw a neighborhood flag football game below are a few pics. Had a great time and I havent been this sore in a while.

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New York City – Project Twenty Eleven DAY TWO

…Day two had lots of fun in store … Mr. Bo Bushnell & I hooked back up with Eric Scrader from Junkyard Jeans hit the Project show again.. then proceeded to check out the Indian Larry collection with my bud Bobby. Hit Capsule show got some great news, Got to meet the dude from hellers cafe love the picof the kings of vintage together…then back to the hotel then to a great Persian restaurant which only cost us $30 each.

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SEBAGO – Since 1946.

“The Sebago-Moc Company is founded in 1946 by three New England natives: Daniel J. Wellehan, Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau. Their first shoe, the hand-sewn penny loafer, was styled after the popular Indian moccasins and pioneered what would become the company’s patented welt construction. Two years after the initial founding, Sebago-Moc would sell its breakthrough leather boat shoe to Uniroyal.”

I got a nice package in the post from Matt at Sebago… inside were a few pairs of the Lighthouse boot model. I’m really stoked on these… I will probably customize them just a bit so stay tuned for that. Go check out the Sebago site for the entire line as well as the History behind this American Born brand.

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