Bearded Lady Fashion Show – Beards BeCause #1

Well, about 4 weeks ago the guys over at Beards BeCause asked if we could help them throw together a fashion show event… After 4 weeks of searching for sponsors, models, beards and clothes we ended up with a great event this past Saturday at Amos’ Southend.

Before I forget wanted to thank the following people and businesses that helped out along the way.. FUZE Beverages, Amos’ Southend, Morris Costumes, Party Reflections, Cirrus Salon, Elizabeth Tolley, MAC, BANG BANG, AVEDA institute, Queen City Aerial Arts, Niche Market, Chezelle, Rats Nest, SLOAN, FRESH, Mckinna Hahn, Jared Yerg, Scott Doerr, Wendy Shanahan, Abbeydale, Cleo Jones, Nod Norkus, BlingxBDGT, Subdue, Saucemans, Evolution Talent, NUFFCed & All Star Signs

Setting up the Venue A few hours before the show…

After the Show… Me and My Girls.. Thanks so much: Hannah, Camimi, Lindsay, Adriana

Great promo photo shot by Aaron Nace thanks to Misha Lazzara for modeling.

Thanks to Riza G for the illustration to help promo the event.

Beards BeCause Runway Raiser: Bearded Lady Fashion Show from enemy2fashion on Vimeo.

Check out more pics after the Jump and on our Facebook Page

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